Air Quality Report: “A” for Montgomery, Elmore

Not all counties have monitoring equipment

Above I-59 heading into Birmingham, Late 1970’s (Tim Lennox photo)

The American Lung Association has issued an annual report on the air quality above America.

In Alabama only a handful of counties have measuring equipment. Those include Montgomery and Elmore Counties, which earned a grade of “A”.

Two North Alabama Counties—Jefferson and Madison—received an “F” grade.

One key finding:

“The “State of the Air 2016″ report shows that cleaning up pollution continues successfully in much of the nation. In the 25 cities with the worst pollution, the majority saw improvements from last year. Many saw their lowest levels ever of year-round particle pollution or ozone pollution.”

You can see the entire Lung Association report “State of The Air” HERE.

The Alabama County rankings are HERE.

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