Community College Tuition Increases Across State

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COLLEGETUITION PIC3It is never something students like to hear, but college tuition is increasing again. The Alabama Community College System board of trustees approved a $2 increase per credit hour. The increase aims to improve community colleges across the state, but not everyone is on board with the new prices.

Some students, like Nursing Student Jeannette Whetstone, are still on the fence about the new numbers. Whetstone is a student at Lurlene B. Wallace Community College (LBWCC), a mother, has a job and is working on her nursing degree. She has to be careful with her money.

“For me, I’m a self-paid student,” Whetstone says. “So the increase would bother me, because I have to pay for everything. And I also work full-time, so it does affect, you know, where my money goes.”

COLLEGETUITION PIC1Whetstone says the price increase will hurt her wallet a little, but will not stop her from reaching her goals.

“The two dollars, it’s an increase, but it’ll help me further my education in becoming an RN,” she says.

Dr. Jim Krudop, the director of the LBWCC Greenville Campus, is not thrilled about the increase in tuition either. He hates to see the prices rise, but also knows what is best for the students is not always the popular move.

“If it was up to us, as a college, at LBW, no, we wouldn’t,” Krudop says when asked about raising tuition. “We’d love to decrease. But you can’t do it and still maintain the quality that we require, in of ourselves to help students.”

In-state tuition is $1,728 per semester for 12 credit hours. After the increase, it will cost students $1,752 for 12 credit hours. It is an increase of $24 dollars. While that price may not seem like much, some students are not happy with the new cost of education.

COLLEGETUITION PIC5“I know I can’t afford it,” says Psychology student Tanya Walton. “I can’t speak for anyone else, but it’s a lot that can’t afford it. So I think they shouldn’t raise it.”

Other students do not think two more dollars will make that much of a difference in cost.

“I think it’s fair,” says Nursing Student Jule Jeffcoat. “I mean, it’s two dollars. It’s not like it’s going to be a whole paycheck’s worth.”

Whetstone knows the money will come from somewhere, even if she has to start saving a little more here and there.

COLLEGETUITION PIC2“Just have to cut back on going to McDonalds!” she says with a laugh.

The $2 increase is for all community colleges in Alabama, and is projected to raise nearly four million dollars to share among the colleges in the state.

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