Vector Aerospace Staying in South Alabama

ANDALUSIAJOBS PIC2Covington County’s favorite tenant is staying a little longer. In an announcement held at the Vector Hanger at the South Alabama Regional Airport (SARA), a new contract was celebrated. Vector Aerospace will be staying in Covington County another five years, with the option to remain an extra three.

Vector Aerospace has been based at SARA since 2000. When the time came to renew a contract, both parties wanted to work something out to maintain the ongoing relationship.

“We’ve had a continuing increase in our business with the United States Navy, United States Army, and other civil customers, and this is just our mechanism to continue to get that work and continue to grow the business as well,” says Vector Vice President of Operations Rick Patacky.

ANDALUSIAJOBS PICJed Blackwell, Co-Executive Director of SARA, credits Vector with bringing 100 jobs to the county. With the new contract, there is room for more employees.

“All people across the state, they want to see more jobs, jobs, jobs,” Blackwell says. “You know, from the governor on down. We want to work hard to create jobs here. We have a great economic developer who works hard. This is the result of the hard work that’s put into that.”

Covington County is not the most obvious choice for a company like Vector Aerospace to be, but Patacky says the location just makes sense.

“It’s a good region that serves our biggest customers, which is Fort Rucker, and the Naval Air Station Pensacola and the Naval Air Station Whiting Field. So it’s geographically favorable,” he explains.

The new contract promises to make almost 70 jobs in the coming years. A growth Blackwell thinks the airport is ready to provide.

“We believe that we’re destined to continue to grow economically, here in Covington County,” he says. “And we’ve got the appropriate things in place to allow Vector to grow, and other future businesses.”

There are no definite plans to start making or filling these new jobs yet, but Blackwell and Patacky hope to have new positions in the coming months.

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