April 27th Tornadoes Remembered

13103313_10154157066885536_149420410775547004_nToday marks five years since the devastating tornadoes ripped through parts of Central Alabama. The storms were to blame for more than 200 lives lost and more than a billion dollars in damages.

One of those areas affected was it Elmore county, where an E-F-4 went through the county for several miles, killing six people. The day after the devastation is when the work started to get Elmore County back to normal. People from across the country, as well as local churches came to help people put their lives back together.
“We had a volunteer that was watching the radar through GR 2 analyst, and he pretty much told us that it was on the ground and we get confirmation pretty quickly”,  Deputy Director of Elmore County EMA, David Brunson said.
“Whatever EMA asked us to do we try to help because we knew it had to be done, people are hurting, and they needed to see the hands and feet of Jesus Christ at work”, Youth Minister of Santuck Baptist Church, Chad Middlebrooks said.
EMA officials say they occasionally check in on people who were affected by the storm five years ago… And since the storm the community is closer now that it has ever been.
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