South Alabama Presidential Predictions

rsz_election.jpgWhat started out as a crowded Presidential Race has narrowed down to only a few candidates. Following Donald Trump’s big win in Indiana, Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign. The day after the Indiana Primary, John Kasich also dropped out of the GOP race, leaving Donald Trump as the sole candidate on the Republican side. Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are still battling for the Democratic nominee. The question on everyone’s mind is: Who will be America’s next President?

It is a topic Walter Parmer and his friends often discuss over coffee in downtown Greenville.

“Neither candidate is worthy of being President of this country,” he says, earning a laugh from his friends. Parmer doesn’t like either of the two front runners, but is not a fan of one in particular.

“Hilary Clinton should be in prison for exposing top secret documents,” Parmer says. “I was an army artillery officer with a top secret clearance. If I had done what Hilary did, I would be in Fort Leonard Wood serving time right now. So how can we have someone that exposes top secret documents run for President?”

Jeremy Coleman, on the other hand, is not sure who he is going to vote for… if anyone.

“Right now, it’s no one,” he says. “I don’t think anybody’s really earned my vote out of the two primary candidates. Really want to see what somebody’s plan is to create a better nation, other than just pointing out who we should blame for our problems.”

Wayne Bosewell says he is going to vote for whichever candidate shows him they are the best pick for the job. He is not sure who that is just yet, but understands the importance of casting a vote this November.

“If you don’t vote, then that’s leaving it up to someone else,” he says. “And we all have that right. And along with that right comes a duty. And everyone should go vote.”

Three men, with three different views. All will be waiting, along with the rest of the nation, to see what happens next. There are still 15 more primary elections before the parties choose their official candidates.

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