Elmore Prison No Longer on Lockdown; Holman Prison Remains Locked Down

This photo released Thursday

Elmore Correctional Facility is no longer on lockdown.

Approximately 90 percent of the 300 inmates who participated in the work stoppage have returned to work.

Holman remains on lockdown as the work stoppage there continues.

The Department of Corrections has transferred inmates from the Atmore Community Work Center to operate the tag plant at Holman. Thirteen inmates reported to work in the sewing plant.

More than 250 inmates were refusing to work in a protest at the two Alabama prisons.

Corrections spokesman Bob Horton said about 220 men were participating in the work stoppage at Elmore prison. Corrections officers there were doing kitchen and laundry work normally performed by prisoners.

Horton says another 47 inmates are refusing to work in the sewing and license plate plants at Holman prison in Atmore.

The inmate strike began Sunday as a protest against conditions at two prisons, but Horton says there’s no indication the strikes are spreading to other Alabama lockups.

Both prisons were operating under enhanced security called a lock down, partly because officers aren’t able to perform their normal duties.

A website by inmate supporters says prisoners are protesting conditions they call inhumane.

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