Greenville Celebrates Law Enforcement at 20th Annual Ceremony

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SAL POLICEMEMORIAL PIC3Often, being a member of law enforcement is a thankless job.

“You know, we’re the guys that unfortunately have to give speeding tickets, cause people won’t voluntarily comply with the law. We have to go to homes where domestic violence is going on, have to make arrests,” says Greenville Police Chief Lonzo Ingram.

But at the 20th Annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service, all those who serve were honored. Greenville Police, Butler County Deputies and even a few Alabama State Troopers were all there, as officers who were killed in the line of duty were remembered.

“It is a dangerous job,” says Ingram.”And you in fact can, you know, go to work one day and not come home that night.”

SAL POLICEMEMORIAL PIC2“It’s something that you never expect,” says District Attorney Charlotte Tesmer. “You always think it happens somewhere else, in another community or another state. But it does happen in Greenville, Alabama.”

Tesmer was the guest speaker at the event, and she hopes everyone there today said a very special thank you to the officers who are always out serving their communities.

“We walk around on a day to day basis, not thinking about it,” she adds. “But there’s always a police officer on call, to come to the call if need be.”

With so many negative views of law enforcement in the nation, those at the ceremony SAL POLICEMEMORIAL PICtoday were happy to see someone still cares about them and the sacrifices they make.

“Without good police work, it would be chaos,” Tesmer adds. “Without the protection of the people in blue, it would be chaos.”

“All they see is, you know, when the blue lights come on behind them or they see the police officer sitting beside the road, they’re thinking he’s just there to ruin their day, give them a speeding ticket,” says Ingram. “But when the bullets start flying, police officers are running towards the gunfire, not away from it.”

SAL POLICEMEMORIAL PIC4Both Chief Ingram and Butler County Sheriff Kenny Harden announced new names to be added to the Fallen Officer Memorial in Downtown Greenville. They have not set a date for those additions to be revealed.


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