Montgomery is “Shrinking”!

Census finds it is the only big Alabama city to lose population.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) – New Census data shows that Huntsville could be on track to become the state’s largest city by around 2030.

The data  shows that more than 10,000 residents have been added to Huntsville since 2010. At that rate, Huntsville would pass Birmingham as the state’s largest city within 15 years.

The data also shows that among the state’s four major cities – Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and Huntsville – Montgomery is shrinking, while Mobile and Birmingham have been stable since 2010. All four have a population hovering on either side of 200,000 people.

Montgomery is the fastest shrinking of the 10 largest cities in Alabama, having lost 2.5 percent of its population since 2010. Auburn has, proportionately, grown the most, with its population growing 16.3 percent since 2010.

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