Local Views on Alabama’s State Government

state-house.jpgBeeland Park in Greenville is a place where many locals get together to have lunch and hold regular meetings. It is also a good place for people to catch up on what is going on in the state.

People across Alabama have been taking an interest in what is going on with state politics. Robert Layton and his friend Russell Parrish have a lot to talk about, between Governor Bentley’s alleged scandal with top adviser Rebekah Mason, to the suspension of Chief Justice Roy Moore, and the possible outcome of Mike Hubbard’s ethics trial.

“It looks like the politicians in the whole country is getting in a mess,” says Layton.

Layton believes the scandal surrounding Governor Bentley and his alleged affair should have stayed in the Bentley family, and the possible impeachment would do the state no good.

“The thing they brought out about him, I’m really not concerned about that,” he says. “I didn’t see where that hurt me or anyone else. That was between him and his family. Should have stayed there, in my opinion on that.”

SAL HUBBARDREAX PICWhile Parrish doesn’t have much to comment on specifically, he is worried about how his state is seen across the nation.

“The biggest problem I see out of it, is the image reflected on the state, he says. “How is that going to hurt or help us in the future?”

While many are not calling for a total change in leadership, they are worried the current state of affairs could affect economic development in the state.

“That could be a problem, you know?” says Layton. “As you get the state, people looking down on the state, people thinking that the state is stupid. Which their not. Some of the smartest people in the world live in Alabama I think.”

Both men hope the attention and drama surrounding Alabama politics will die down quickly and the rest of the country will realize, Alabama is not that different from anywhere else.

“It makes us sound like well, we don’t really have our act together,” Parrish says. “When really, what goes on here, pretty much goes on, you know, everywhere.”

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