Retire? In Montgomery?

A website list the city as #25th Best


The website has listed the Alabama Capital as the 25th best city in which to retire on $1,000 a month.

The site used several factors to determine the ranking, including:

  • Housing — rental prices for a one-bedroom apartment, rounded to nearest dollar.
  • Percentage of retirees — in the local population as of April 1, 2010.
  • Walkability — scores ranging from 25 for Montgomery, Ala., to 65 for Allentown, Pa.
  • Safety factors — scores ranging from 6 for Rochester, N.Y., and Louisville, Ky., to 30 for Boise, Idaho.

Here’s how they scored Montgomery:

25. Montgomery, Ala.

An old Southern town, Montgomery is surrounded by flat farmland and forests. Montgomery has historical exhibits and museums reflecting its unique heritage, including the Rosa Parks Library and Museum. There are also arts events and a Shakespeare festival. Housing costs in Montgomery were among the lowest in our survey.

The climate is humid subtropical. Summers are warm and humid. Winter is more variable and can have mild, moist Gulf air, or cool, continental northern air.

Fast Facts

  • Average cost of housing: $595
  • Population ages 65 or older: 11.8 percent
  • Walkability: 25
  • Safety: 6

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