Possible Grand Jury Investigation into Gov. Robert Bentley

bentley999.jpgIt appears that a federal grand jury is investigating Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.  The revelation comes after the U-S Attorney for the middle district representing Montgomery, George Beck recused himself and his office from the case.  Beck’s office has confirmed to Alabama News Network it sent a letter with a subject line “Grand Jury Investigation” to lawyers of people who have been questioned.

The letter says U-S Attorney General Loretta Lynch has appointed U-S Attorney John Horn of the Northern District of Georgia to oversee the case.
The apparent investigation comes amid an impeachment push for Bentley following his admission of making inappropriate comments to his former top aide, Rebekah Mason. He has denied having an affair with her.

Meanwhile, an attorney says the former law enforcement chief who accused Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley of having an affair with an adviser has been questioned by federal investigators about the governor’s administration.

Kenny Mendelsohn, who represents former state law enforcement secretary Spencer Collier, would not elaborate Wednesday on what questions investigators asked.

A person close to the administration who also was questioned told The Associated Press FBI agents asked about the use of state grants and other resources. The person spoke on condition of anonymity, fearing retribution.

The revelations are the latest sign of trouble for Bentley, who has been the subject of an impeachment push since he admitted making inappropriate comments to the former aide, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. He has denied having an affair with her.

A spokeswoman for the governor declined to comment.

Here’s a copy of the text from that letter:


Re: Grand Jury Investigation

This letter is to inform you and your client that United States Attorney George L. Beck, Jr. has recused himself and his office from any investigation of and prosecution arising from the operations of the office of the Governor of Alabama. The Attorney General of the United States has appointed United States Attorney John A. Horn of the Northern District of Georgia and his staff to oversee any investigation of and prosecution arising from the above-described matters.

The Government is appreciative of the assistance you and your client have provided in this matter to date. Should you have any questions regarding the content of this letter, please direct such questions to United States Attorney Horn or a member of his staff.

I look forward to working with you on future matters.

Respectfully yours,

George L. Beck, Jr.

U.S. Attorney

By: Jonathan S. Ross

Assistant U.S. Attorney

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