Worst College Football Uniforms? Alabama?

Yes, according to one online survey.


The PickSixPreviews website reports the results of a survey of  High School Freshmen and sophomore FBS football recruits…selected because their answers would not be  influenced by their recruiting experiences.

“Oregon had the overwhelming majority of votes for the best uniform—60 of 94 respondents voted for the Ducks (some players wrote in more than one team).  There was a greater variety of responses for the team with the worst look.  One player said, “worst uniforms I do not know, but baggy jerseys I do not like.”  Alabama and Penn State, Nike schools, were the leading vote-getters for this question, which reinforces the recruits’ preference towards modern, not classic, uniforms.  Clearly, the unfavorable uniforms have not hurt the Crimson Tide brand, which is the strongest in college football.” 

See the full rankings from PickSixPreviews…best and worst uniforms HERE.

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