Faith Matters: Baptist Church Membership Decline Continues

WAL 12345From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Membership in the Baptist Church continues to slide on a downward trend.

The denomination is reporting its ninth consecutive year of membership decline.

The Baptist church lost more than 200,000 members over the past year alone according to the denomination’s Annual Church Profile.

Reverend James Spicer pastor of Freedom Baptist Church in Selma says one reason for the continuing decline has been the growth of non-denominational churches and their appeal with young adults.

“The type of things we do at a Baptist church has been going on that way for the last hundred years and most Baptist churches are not willing to change to do things that would attract or draw these younger people,” said Spicer.

The report also shows a decline in weekly worship attendance and baptisms but an increase in the overall number of churches.

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