Unitarian Church: Lowndes Cty. Water/Sewer an Invisible Crisis

Church issues national report on water/sewer problems.

The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee report finds some elected officials and engineers ignoring residents in Lowndes county, Alabama. And they say the cost of water and sewer services are much higher for residents like those in rural Alabama.

In Lowndes County, the Alabama Department of Public Health brought environmental criminal action against residents who were unable to pay for newer septic systems. More recently a pastor in another county was arrested for having a failing septic system.79 The local sewerage authority would not allow his church to connect to city sewer because the owner of the adjacent property would not allow access to the sewer main on his property. This is an example of how local residents are ignored by engineers and government officials who discount the knowledge they could bring to the problem. 

The report also finds the cost of water and sewer services is higher for poor rural residents than for people living in cities…

“The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2011, rural residents paid on average almost twice the annual cost for “water and other utilities” as urban residents.9 Studies show that rural communities tend to have both lower average incomes than cities and higher costs per person for water infrastructure, in addition to facing more acute threats of water contamination from unregulated agriculture run off that can make water services unaffordable and water undrinkable.”

You can read the entire report HERE

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