Prattville Teen Inspires Many in Viral Video

A Prattville teenager is being called an inspiration to many after a Facebook video she was featured in went viral. The video posted on the Facebook page Special Books by Special Kids now has over 500 thousand views.

Katherine Lantz suffers from speech apraxia, a disability that makes speaking difficult.

Her mom, Renee Lantz, explains that Katherine is no different than anyone else, she just struggles with speech.

“She knows exactly what she wants to say and she understands what everybody is saying to her,” she explains, “but making those words and planning what she wants to say is very difficult for her.”

Chris Ulmer started Special Books by Special Kids to share the stories of kids all over the world suffering from a disability. He and his girlfriend now travel all over the world speaking with kids with disabilities and sharing their stories.

Ulmer helped Katherine prepare for a job interview at Chappy’s Deli in Prattville and she got the job. She will be a hostess and help with busing tables.

Katherine also uses an app called Proloquo2go to help her communicate. The app allows her to tell people what she is feeling, what she needs and even what her diagnosis is.

She says her main motivation to get the job was to save money so she could buy her own house and be independent.

“Katherine has dreams and goals just like everybody else and there’s tons of people out there just like her who have those dreams and goals and they just need to be given a chance and that’s what Chappy’s did for us,” her mom explained.

Katherine graduates from Prattville High School this year and hopes to attend Horizon’s School in Birmingham.

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