New Senate Bill That Requires Women to Register for “The Draft”

AP_0404210635A new bill the Senate passed yesterday could change who enters the military.

The bill authorizes funding for cyber capabilities, missile defense and other military projects. Additionally, the bill would require women to register for the draft when they turn 18.

Alabama Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby both voted for the bill and released statements.

Senator Sessions said in part:

“While this bill is not perfect, I supported it because it provides needed resources for our national defense, for our service men and women fighting overseas, and for Alabama’s military assets that are so crucial to our national defense.”

Senator Shelby said:

“Senator Shelby has serious concerns about the impact that Senator McCain’s provision in the National Defense Authorization Act, which requires women to register for the draft, would have on our military and national security. It is Senator Shelby’s hope that this provision will be removed before the bill is signed into law.”

Here in Montgomery, people have mixed opinions about the bill.

Lance Brown shared, “I don’t think it should matter whether you’re a man or a woman, boy or girl, signing up for the draft is I think your civic duty.”

Constance Dennis, of Mobile said she’s shocked that women could be on the front lines.

“I can’t imagine women being on the front lines,” she said “I think that’s a job for men because women are not built like men…I have a nephew and I sometimes fear him going to the military and being on the front lines.”

If the bill gets the President’s signature, women turning eighteen on or after January 1st of 2018 would have to register for the draft.

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