Two Alabama Pharmacists Sentenced for Selling Bad Drugs

AP_645253971412Federal prosecutors say two Alabama pharmacists have been sentenced to prison for distributing adulterated drugs.

Authorities say 60-year-old David Allen of McCalla has been sentenced to 12 months in prison and 48-year-old William Timothy Rogers of Hoover has been sentenced to 10 months in the scheme.

Officials say Allen was the pharmacist in charge of the now-defunct Meds IV and Rogers was the company’s president.

Prosecutors say the compounding pharmacy manufactured an intravenous drug for patients who couldn’t or shouldn’t receive nutrition through eating.

Officials say the drug contained an amino acid that had been prepared and held in unsanitary conditions and became contaminated by an antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Prosecutors say nine Birmingham-area patients developed bloodstream infections and died. Several other patients who developed infections survived.

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