Montgomery Prays for Orlando Victims

church35.jpgNew details on the Orlando shooting are ever emerging, as are the messages of love and support from across the globe.

Many religious denominations are sending up prayers and warm thoughts to the victims and their families, including people in Montgomery.

“Want everybody to get along,” says Montgomery resident Scotty Marlow. “You know, just cause they doing one thing, you know, it doesn’t matter. We’re all human, you know, we all live on the same planet. So we got to get along.”

“I can only imagine, how devastated this families are,” adds Valeria Ivy. “So, I think that we should just pray for peace.”

Local pastor Jay Wolf is also encouraging his congregation to pray.

“It was senseless, it was horrible. All in the name of hate. And twisted religious ideas,” the First Baptist Montgomery Church leader says of the tragedy.

“God came from heaven to earth, to demonstrate his love for us,” he adds. “He went through this massive extent to show us he loves and cares about us. But what we had on display in Orlando, somebody who went to a massive extent to show their hate.”

FM GAYCHURCHBut Pastor Wolf wants his church members to know, sometimes praying isn’t enough. He believes their prayers should only be the start of their help.

“It’s appropriate to pray, but to me, the ultimate response to this display of hate, is to display love,” he says. “We intercede. The bible says the effective prayers of righteous people make a difference. But then we don’t just pray, we act. We love, we give, we minister. We stand up for hurting people.”

To donate or help the victims and their families, you can click here or here.

Montgomery’s inaugural PRIDE Weekend is Saturday June 25 and Sunday June 26. For a complete list of activities, click here.

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