ALDOT Working to Reduce Traffic Congestion on Chantilly Parkway

chantilly2The Alabama Department of Transportation is working to reduce traffic and congestion on Chantilly Parkway. A new construction project will bring changes to Chantilly Parkway between Technacenter Drive and Eastchase Parkway.

Megan Leonard says she drives down Chantilly Parkway every day and is tired of the traffic jams.

“I don’t like being stuck in traffic,” she said, “and there’s a lot of wrecks and stuff going on like that because of all of the construction.”

George Conner with ALDOT says this project should bring relief to drivers.

“Well there should be a significant reduction in congestion,” he said, “anybody that’s driven through there in the mornings or in the afternoons can certainly attest to how congested it gets.”

Some of the changes include:

-Adding a second left turn lane from Technacenter Drive onto Atlanta Highway
-Extending length of the lane of traffic queuing to turn left to enter I-85 South
-Adding a service road from Burger King to Alabama Highway 126
-Adding a protected U-turn under signalization (indirect left) at Eastchase Parkway

Conner says that drivers should remember to drive with caution when in construction zones.

“While construction is going on, everybody should drive very alertly, pay very close attention to construction signs and directions and drive with patience,” he said.

ALDOT officials expect the project to take four or five months to complete.

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