Nehemiah Kid’s Club Recruits Young Athletes

WRWYC YMCA PICThe Nehemiah Kid’s Club and YMCA of Greater Montgomery went door to door in the Chisholm Street area and surrounding neighborhoods to recruit new players for the YMCA Youth Football and Cheer teams. YMCA volunteers and kids at the Nehemiah Kid’s Center handed out flyers and permission forms to parents, hoping to give every kid a chance to play.

“It’s breath-taking anytime you see a smile on their little faces”, says YMCA Cheer Coordinator Maryann Johnson-Pitts. “And they cheer for the Y, you know, it just melts your heart!”

The kids who visit the Nehemiah Center are usually the ones who don’t get a chance to play school organized sports, for any number of reasons. The director of the Kid’s Center, Rhonda Thompson, believes extracurricular activities give kids a chance to grow in a number of ways.

“They need to be involved in something to keep them out of trouble,” Thompson says. “But also, just to give something really good positive to do and encourage positive self-esteem.”

Nehemiah Kid’s Center is also covering the sign-up fee for the kids at the center, making it even easier for the kids to play sports.

“When you’re here, you concentrate on being a kid,” Thompson adds. “Because we want you to be a child. You don’t have to be big, tough, and brave like you might have to be everywhere else. Cause right here you can just be a kid and enjoy being a kid.”

To volunteer at Nehemiah Kid’s Center, you can call Thompson at (334) 263-6663 or visit the center’s Facebook page.

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