Montgomery ends use of speed car cameras

The City of Montgomery will no longer be using speed car cameras as of last Friday.

Speed Cameras

The cameras were placed in empty police cars.  If you were speeding past the police car, the camera would take a picture of your license plate and you would receive a ticket in the mail.

Drivers in Montgomery say they are happy with the change.

Sonya Williams shared, “it’s not fair that a car sitting can give you a ticket, in the mail, besides someone actually writing you a ticket.”

Jake Heflin echoed her thoughts on the issue.

“To me it kinda takes away the purpose of going on duty, and going and working in your own car and being there for the action I suppose,” he said.

Mayor Todd Strange says that officers will instead be giving out tickets.

“We’ve got a class that graduates in a week or so and we’ll take a few of those officers and supplement them with some others that will be on motor bikes,” he explained.

The removal of the Montgomery speed car cameras comes after state lawmakers banned their use in the city during the last legislative session.



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