Montgomery Police build relationships with Park, Walk & Talk program

Montgomery Police Officers took to the streets Wednesday afternoon in an effort to build relationships with the people they serve every day.

Park Walk & Talk

The program is called Park, Walk and Talk.  It gets police officers out of their patrol cars and into neighborhoods, creating an opportunity for candid conversations between officers and residents.

Captain Al Wheeler with the Montgomery Police Department says the program is a win-win situation for everyone.

“This is for us too,” he shared, “it helps us get to know them, it helps us learn their problems. They know the neighborhood better than we do, they live here everyday all the time.”

One neighbor we spoke with was scared when she saw the officers walking down her street but was pleased when she found out what they were doing.

“I would like to see them walk through more often and engage other people, it’s a good idea,” said Brenda Linton.

Officers spent the afternoon in the neighborhood talking to residents; they even gave them tips on how to keep their homes and cars safe this summer.

The police department does Park, Walk and Talk events in a different neighborhood every Wednesday.

For more information on the program visit the Montgomery Police Department website.


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