Blackout on Capitol Steps

BLACKOUT PICA Blackout protest held on the Capitol steps saw dozens of people coming out to show support for a national movement. After the most recent shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota, some Montgomery citizens didn’t just want to stand by.

“A lot of people was reaching out. To me about, saying Jamel we need to do something here in Montgomery. We need to not just sit down, but let our presence be known,” said co-organizer of the event Jamel Brown.

The group started at Capitol steps and marched down Dexter Avenue, chanting “No justice, No Peace!” Then they headed back up to conclude the night at the Martin Luther King Jr. Baptist Church. The night ended with a prayer and a reminder of the group’s message.

“We want change… the whole spectrum,”  said Brown. “There’s a lot of changes need to be going on. You know, because we’re hurting and it’s really mind-boggling. ”

BLACKOUT PIC4But those out marching were not alone in their protest. A small group of protesters stood near the Capitol, American flag in hand to share why they disagree with what the marchers stand for and show their support for local law enforcement.

“I don’t like it at all. I mean, it’s a sad day,” said counter-protester Robert Brabham. “[It’s] just out of control. Somebody’s gotta stand up and support these guys that are out here, saving us and protecting us every day.”

The marchers claim this isn’t an attack on any one person or group of people, just an attack on what they believe is unfair treatment.

“This is not an attack on police officers. This is an attack on what’s wrong, verses what’s right,” said Brown.

The marchers said this is not their final public event, they do plan on protesting or marching again elsewhere in Montgomery.

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