Former Miss Alabama Calls Dallas Shooter a ‘Martyr’

Former Miss Alabama Kalyn Chapman James is sharing her thoughts on the deadly Dallas ambush.James, the first African-American to hold the Miss Alabama title, took to Facebook Sunday in tearful live video. She says she ‘doesn’t feel sad for the officers who lost their lives.’ She went on to say she feels like the shooter was a ‘martyr.’

“I want to feel sad for them but I can’t help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr. And I know it’s not the right way to feel cause nobdy deserves to lose their lives.”


James later said in the comments to the post that she does not want to be misunderstood. She states she doesn’t want anyone to die nor does she condone violence.

After sharing the video to the Alabama News Network Facebook page, James responded to our post saying, “The comments I make about black on black crime don’t make the news because you all don’t care. Disgusting are the comments that have been wielded at me and I stand behind my feelings. I called myself out for the way I felt…how many of you do that? Only God can judge me and it’s not surprising that my home state has the most hateful divisive comments on this and fail to watch the video and see the pain and conflict.”
Kalyn Chapman James was crowned Miss Alabama in 1993.
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