Prosecutors Oppose Hubbard Request for Jury Investigation

State prosecutors are opposing former House Speaker Mike Hubbard’s request to have the sheriff investigate if there was misconduct by the jury that convicted him on ethics charges.

The attorney general’s office in a response filed Monday said Hubbard is seeking an “unfettered fishing expedition into the deliberations of the jury.”

A Lee County jury convicted Hubbard of 12 felony ethics violations. A judge sentenced to Hubbard to four years in a state prison and another eight on probation.

Hubbard filed the investigation request immediately after he was sentenced.

Hubbard’s defense submitted an affidavit by a juror or alternate juror – it was unclear which – saying that some jurors made biased comments to each other during the trial, such as calling Hubbard greedy. The person’s name was redacted.

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