Pokemon Go app gains popularity

The Pokemon Go app is taking the world by storm. The game is now one of the top free and grossing apps in the iPhone app store.


Pokemon Go is the new app that allows users to find Pokemon in the real world. To find the creatures players have to get up and move.

Montgomery area doctor Jefferson Underwood says that is what so many kids need.

“I’m for anything that would get them off of the couch, and get them moving,” he shared, `”and one thing that Pokemon Go does is that it gets you going.”

One group of players we caught up with say they had walked four miles in one day playing the game.

While many people are enjoying the game, others have concerns about the safety of those playing.

The game has already been involved in at least two crime scenes across the country. A 19-year-old found a man’s body while looking for Pokemon in Wyoming. In Missouri, armed robbers are reportedly using the game to lure unsuspecting players into secluded locations to rob them.

Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says this why it is important for parents to know what their kids are doing on the phone.

“Know what your child is doing, know what your child is seeing,” he said, “and participating in to make sure that you are going to inspect those phones.”

The Better Business Bureau is also warning players and parents about some features of the app. For more information visit http://bbb.org/pokemon.

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