MPD programs help support police officers & families

After multiple tough weeks for law enforcement the Montgomery Police Department is sharing more about the peer support programs they offer for their police officers. The program helps officers cope during difficult times.


With various officer-involved shootings across the country in past weeks Sgt. Theodore Williams of the Montgomery Police Department says it has been a trying time for officers.

“Some of them are scared,” he shared.

The officers have 24/7 access to counseling. They also have support options for their family if they are coping with stress from their family members job.

“A lot of times people don’t realize that when officers are going through something, sometimes they don’t say nothing,” Sgt. Williams explained, “they just kind of keep it quiet, keep it to themselves, won’t really talk to nobody.”

Additionally, the Alabama State Capitol will be illuminated blue every night this week to honor law enforcement in Montgomery and across the country.

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