Coaches Getting a Lesson from the Legends

SPORTSCCHigh School coaches aren’t usually sitting on the bench, but coaches from across the River Region took one for the team to learn more about the game from some of the best coaches in Alabama history.

Former Alabama Coach Mike DuBose and former Troy coach Larry Blakeney had a sit-down meeting with coaches at the Alabama High School Athletic Association’s All-Star Sports Week. The group discussed football plays, time coaching at all levels of the sport, and learn how a coach can keep up the passion in his game.

“The world we live in today is a crazy world,” said Coach DuBose. “And I think the more that we can get, advice and understanding and some knowledge from someone else has got to be a good thing.”

“I think it’s harder probably, you know, just… Everything’s so big and… There’s a lot of elements of coaching football in high school, that are to me a little more difficult than they were when I tried to coach high, I coached seven years of high school at three different years,” added Blakeney.

The coaching legends also spoke about the fears they have for the future of their favorite game.

“The game is a much faster paced game than it’s ever been, the players are bigger, stronger and faster than they’ve ever been, and that’s some of the reason for some of the injuries and the protocol that has taken place today,” said DuBose. “We’ve gotta sorta get a grasp on some of it though. If we don’t, I’m concerned 20, 30 years from now we may not have football.”

While talking with the high school coaches, both Blakeney and DuBose shared that they hoped their former players learned life lessons while out on the field.

“It’s so much like life!” said Blakeney. “You know, exhilaration! Disappointment. All the things, in and out, across, out of bounds, touchdowns!”

Coaching legends Ray Perkins and Pat Dye were also intended to be guest speakers on the panel, but both were unable to attend the event.

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