EXTRA: Help Wanted, Teachers

FBFrom the West Alabama Newsroom–

It’s an ongoing issue in education that’s affecting schools and communities throughout the state. School districts are dealing with an ongoing teacher shortage.

Students across the state will soon be headed back to school and that has some school districts scrambling to find qualified teachers — especially in the areas of math and science.

School officials in small rural areas say attracting quality teachers to their school districts can be tough.

“It is extremely hard to attract teachers to this area if they don’t live here or have roots here,” said Perry County Schools superintendent John Heard.

“Most of your young students or young graduates they like to be around metropolitan areas so it makes it very difficult to attract one and even if we do attract one, if we’re not careful we lose them to those big cities sooner or later.”

“It’s a difficult sell for rural Alabama,” said former Dallas County Schools superintendent Don Willingham.

“We’ve got so much to offer but in the mind of a 22 year old or 23 year old, we may not always be their first choice.”

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