Montgomery teacher fights assigned transfer

A Montgomery Public Schools teacher says she is being treated unfairly by being transferred to a different school. The school board held a transfer hearing today in the case.


Monica McCord has taught at Loveless Academic Magnet Program for many years and has been assigned to transfer to Goodwyn Middle School.

There were many tense moments n the hearing lasting over an hour Tuesday. Both sides argued for and against Monica McCord being transferred from Loveless Academic Magnet Program to Goodwyn Middle School. An attorney for the school system argued that multiple parents complained about McCord and that the decision was made to move her to a different school to give her a fresh start. McCord’s attorney argued that she should not be transferred because of one complaint from one parent.

The school board voted 4-1 to approve the transfer.

McCord’s attorney, Victoria Relph spoke on behalf of her client after the decision was announced.

“We believe that the school system sent a very clear message today and thats, that once again their not standing beside their teachers,” she said.

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