Final July Jamz Concert Performance

SAL JULYJAMZ PIC3The final July Jamz concert was held on the Springdale Lawn in Andalusia on Thursday night. July Jamz was the idea of Andalusia Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Chrissie Duffy, as a way to keep residents in town for the summer months. The nights always have several musical performances, refreshments and snacks from local vendors, and even a foam machine at the end of the night for kids to enjoy.

“Give you that quality of life, give you that quality of place, pride in your home town,” says Duffy. “And to invite your friends and families from neighboring places to come in. It does so much for the community it really does.”

The event also became a chance for local musicians to take the stage and show off the talent Alabama has to offer. Duffy believes booking the local talent gives the concerts a more personal feel.

“As far as the bands go, they love to come out cause it’s their family and friends that they’re playing for!” she says.
SAL JULYJAMZ PIC2The crowd at the final night of the concert series saw a performance by local band GP=38 and American Idol finalist Jessica Meuse.
“I really like coming back home, just to the state of Alabama regardless of what city it’s in,” Meuse says. “Just because these are the people that supported me most when I was on the show. And they’re also the people who made me who I am. So this my roots, this is where I’m from.”
Meuse hopes the kids who came out to see her performance look at her successes and see their dreams are easier to reach than they think.
“Part of my message is to tell people, like you CAN do whatever you want! If you want to be a famous singer, go do it. It just takes you doing it and you’ve got to be really persistent and you have to be strong about it.”
Duffy and the Chamber staff are already looking forward to booking talent for next summer.
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