Teachers in Need of Supplies Ahead of School Year

SAL SUPPLYNEED PIC2Summer is almost over and school is right around the corner for teachers and students. The first day for students to come back to school in Butler County is August 11th, but teachers have to come back to the classroom almost a week earlier on August 5th. It’s not so bad for the teachers though, because they’ve been preparing all summer.

“Due to meetings and things the first few days back, they have to spend part of their summer getting their classrooms prepped and painting like we’re doing in this classroom today,” says Greenville Middle School Principal Kent McNaughton. McNaughton and his staff have been cleaning up rooms, moving desks and shelves around, painting, and making sure everything is ready to go for the fall.

On top of spending a lot of their time in their classroom during the summer break, the teachers will most likely also be spending a lot of their money on school supplies.

“Because their supply money only goes so far that they receive, they do spend a good bit of their own money purchasing paper and supplies for the children to use in their classroom,” McNaughton adds. “Or just things to aid them in teaching a lesson to make sure the children understand it. So the teachers have needs for school supplies just like our students do.”

McNaughton says Greenville MS has a lot of new teachers coming in for the 2016-2017 school year. Those teachers, he says, will not be able to receive their school supply fund until the beginning of the fiscal year in October. That means the new teachers will have to pay for all their classroom supplies out of pocket for two months.

“I probably spent at least a thousand dollars out of pocket my first couple of years teaching,” says Shera Stinson, the Greenville MS Library and Media Specialist.

SAL SUPPLYNEED PICStinson knows her library can’t function without certain supplies, like disinfectant wipes and sprays for the keyboards and folders to keep track of the students’ reading. But she also knows she might not be able to buy all she needs with the budget she’s given.

“We just buy out of pocket,” she adds. “We hit up the Dollar Tree, we hit up the Walmart to buy tubs, bins, markers, paper. Sometimes it’s just easier to do it that way. Just so you know you have it.”

The teachers say a big help is making sure your child has the items on the basic school supply list at the beginning of the year. After that, sending in an extra box or two of pencils a month or an extra stack of printer paper will go a long way to helping the students learn.

A list of supplies Butler County students need is on the school system website, you can click here for that information. There is also a “Stuff the Bus” program going on until school starts at the Hardee’s restaurant in Greenville and the Retired Teachers Association of Butler County will be holding a school supplies fundraiser at the Greenville Walmart. Teachers also add that if you want to help them through donations, just ask your child’s teacher what he or she needs for the classroom.

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