Greenville Football Team Tries to Keep Cool

SAL FOOTBALLHEAT PICThe Alabama summer heat makes everyone want to stay inside, but summer athletes who play outdoor sports don’t always have that option. They’ve got to do whatever it takes to stay cool and safe in the heat.

Coaches for the Greenville Tigers Football team understand that, and do what they can to keep their players safe. Two hour practice times and multiple water breaks during those two hours help the players stay hydrated. There is always plenty of water near the field, and wet towels and ice baths are available in case a player starts experiencing signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. The coaches say the most important thing is to educate the athletes on the signs of heat-related illnesses, and that it’s okay to speak up if you need a break from the heat.

“We make sure the kids understand how important it is to stay hydrated,” says head coach Josh McLendon. “Before practice, and during practice, even after practice. You know, all of our coaches are educated on the heat illnesses, and try to prevent that.”

For a list of symptoms associated with heat stroke and heat exhaustion, click here.

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