State Auditor Calls for Impeachment Charges Against Governor During Special Session

Zeigler wants lawmakers to bring one or more charges during upcoming special session of the legislature.

zeiglerbentleyAlabama’s State Auditor, Jim Zeigler is calling on lawmakers to use the upcoming special session to bring an impeachment charge against Governor Robert Bentley.

Zeigler announced his request during a meeting of the Wetumpka Rotary Club on Tuesday.   Zeigler says that if lawmakers don’t act quickly to per sue articles of impeachment, it would be at least until the regular session in February before they do so.

He says that’s too long to wait and by then the impeachment proceedings may not even happen at all.  Zeigler says he’s already made a formal request to House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Representative Mike Jones.

“The people of Alabama want the impeachment investigation og Governor Bentley to make progress, to start and to finish. We don’t need this mess festering and lingering in Montgomery,” Zeigler told reporter during a press conference after the meeting

The legislature is due to gavel into special session on August 15.  However, the Governor has requested that lawmakers use the session to debate a possible state lottery.

Below is Zeigler’s request to State Representative Mike Jones:


I ask that you schedule a meeting of the House Judiciary Committee before or during the early stage of the August 15th special session.  The purpose would be to consider at least one article of impeachment against Gov. Bentley.  This would allow the full House to take up impeachment in the special session.

There is widespread discouragement among Alabama citizens about the impeachment proceedings.  Many believe that the impeachment proceedings are not moving ahead.  The people want the air cleared on the Bentley administration sooner rather than later. 

If an impeachment resolution is not reported out of your committee in time for consideration in the special session, it would likely mean that the full House would not take up impeachment until the February 7 regular session.  That is simply too long to let this sore fester.

I do not buy the notion that a committee consideration of impeachment at all deliberate speed is not doing it right.  Nor do I buy that a slow process like the one now being done is a correct and deliberate process.  Slowness does not mean doing it right and a speedy hearing does not mean doing it wrong.

Please let me know if you will schedule a meeting of the judiciary committee to consider one or more impeachment articles.  Thank you.

Jim Zeigler, Citizen


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