City files lawsuit against mayoral candidates

The Tallassee City Council has filed a lawsuit against mayoral candidates Jeanna Kervin and Trey Taylor contesting their residency in the city. Both candidates though, argue that they are completely qualified to run for mayor.


Jeanna Kervin says it’s simple.

“I have a residence here inside the city limits, I’m a registered voter…I’m qualified,” she explained.

She says the issue was first brought up in May but then she was cleared to run for mayor until recently when the lawsuit was filed.

Trey Taylor says he is in the same position she is in.

“Everyone of those council people know there that I’ve been living in this town for forty nine years,” he shared.

Both just want to know why the lawsuit has been filed.

Alabama News Network called the city’s attorney multiple times for comment but he did not return any of the calls.

The case goes to court August 11th.

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