Drivers passing stopped school bus caught on camera

A Wetumpka woman caught drivers passing a stopped school bus on her home’s security cameras Tuesday.  Her son was boarding the bus when the drivers passed it.


“I was just in disbelief,” Adrian East explained, “that they not only would just not stop because they could clearly see the lights  flashing and the stop sign but he laid on the horn just as soon as he knew they were not going to stop.”

The incident happened on her son’s second day of tenth grade.

“I didn’t see them at all until they were right on top of the bus,” shared Gannon East, “they could have hit someone, an accident could have happened.”

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is reminding drivers to be extra cautions now that kids are back in school.

“When that bus activates it’s emergency equipment motorists are to stop and they are to wait until that bus loads, or unloads those children and they start back on their route,” explained Cpl. Jesse Thornton.

For more information on laws concerning stopped school buses click here.

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