Judge Schedules September Hearing in Hubbard Case

Mike Hubbard takes the stand Alabama Speaker Mike Hubbard Trial on Tuesday, June 7, 2016  in Opelika, Ala. Todd J. Van Emst/Opelika-Auburn News/PoolA judge has scheduled a September hearing on motions filed in former House Speaker Mike Hubbard ethics case as Hubbard seeks to overturn his criminal conviction.

Circuit Judge Jacob Waller on Thursday scheduled a Sept. 2 hearing on post-trial motions filed in the case. The judge did not elaborate. A jury convicted Hubbard on 12 state ethics law violations. He was automatically removed from office after the felony conviction.

Hubbard, who is free on bond, has filed a request for a new trial. He is also asking for an investigation into whether some jurors were biased against him.

Walker sentenced Hubbard to four years in prison.

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