Local Church Helps with LA Flood Relief Efforts

Flood waters are still causing big problems in Louisiana. At least 11 people are dead and thousands are forced from their homes. Church members from Montgomery have traveled to Baton Rouge to help out.

IMG_1304As flood waters continue to rise, much of Baton Rouge is in total chaos.

Travis Dawkins, Dream Center Director for Church of the Highlands in Montgomery, says it’s something he wasn’t prepared for.

“It was surreal. Very surreal. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. When you see it, I’ve seen the pictures and videos on social media and I thought I was prepared to see it, just almost takes your breath away when you see someone’s home 6 foot under water. You realize that’s a person’s whole life in that square structure, all their memories and all their possessions,” said Dawkins.

Dawkins and the team drove down to Baton Rouge Monday morning with a truck full of food and supplies.
They set up at an outside location and will be helping to feed meals to about 15 hundred people over 3 days.

“Sending food out to rescue teams and people who can’t cook food, there is no power or anything like that. We initially came down to help with the food crisis on the very front end and we now are getting ready to move into a cleanup phase,” said Dawkins.

With 20 thousand people in shelters, homes destroyed forever,
in the midst of the chaos, devastation and uncertainty, Dawkins has one thing on his heart.

“We just hope to be a small glimmer of hope to the people that are here. So they see us and not only are their physical needs met, but also, too, they do have a sense of hope that their life will be back in order and that God loves them very much,” said Dawkins.

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