Greenville Tigers Ready for Football Season

SAL EXCITEMENT PICThe Greenville Tigers are kicking off the football season with a Jamboree Game against Stanhope Elmore High School Thursday night. The game will have three quarters of play by the Varsity teams, then the second string and Junior Varsity team will take over in the fourth quarter. It’s a game that will give everyone a chance to play and both teams some film to watch and prepare for the rest of the season. But this game will come with a new challenge for the Tigers. The field they’ve played on for years was renovated over the summer, and will be a completely new playing experience.

“Just excited about getting out there and seeing a good stadium we deserve,” says Head Coach Josh McLendon about the first game.

The old field was removed and a sprinkler system added, along with a crowning of the field to make playing easier. New grass was planted and grew in just in time for the Jamboree Game. It’s going to be a first look at the field for the fans and even some of the players.

“Yeah, I don’t know how much the players have seen it actually, either,” says McLendon. “So, it’s going to be nice. It’s going to be a good playing surface, should be one of the best surfaces we play on all year.”

Senior Kicker Joseph Price is planning on making his last year on the Tigers team a good one. And it might be his best, thanks to the new field.

“I’m going to love it!” he says. “Because, as a kicker, a lot of times when we go places I’m trying to place kick and I’ll step in a hole. The grass is uneven. I’m not going to have to worry about that it’s going to be awesome.”

Price hopes he and his teammates can give the Tigers fans a season they won’t forget. He says the fans have been there for them so many years, they want to thank them with a winning season.

“I feel at home when I step in the stadium. And it definitely wouldn’t be like that if the stadium was empty.”

The game starts at 6 PM Thursday night at Tiger Stadium.

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