Sec. of State Merrill Seeking an AG Opinion on Lottery Vote

California Joins Mega Millions LotteryMONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill says he believes a November lottery referendum is no longer possible, but is seeking an opinion from the attorney general’s office.

Merrill said he believes the law is clear that Wednesday was the deadline for Alabama lawmakers to approve a constitutional amendment and add it on the November ballot. Lawmakers missed that deadline.

However, Merrill said he has asked for an emergency opinion from the attorney general’s office to see if he could alter the ballot if lawmakers pass the lottery bill later this week

The secretary of state said ballots will be printed Monday.

Sen. Jim McClendon said lawmakers had until Friday based on a law that allowed “amendments” to ballots up to 74 days before an election.

Merrill said that section related to changes to candidates’ names.

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