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The Lynching Memorial in Esquire Magazine.

As Alabama News Network reported last week, The Montgomery-based  Equal Justice Initiative is going to build a $20-Million memorial to the hundreds of people lynched by mobs in The South.



National media outlets are writing about the planned six-acre memorial in downtown Montgomery near the Federal Courthouse.

Esquire Magazine has an online article this morning:

“This country has needed a serious homegrown kind of Truth and Reconciliation Commission literally for centuries now. We need to acknowledge thoroughly the crimes and the murder and the blood that provided so much of the foundation of what we call American Exceptionalism. We needed one in 1865. We needed one after Wounded Knee and Sand Creek. We needed one in the late 1960’s. We need one today.”

CBS This Morning interviewed EJI’s Bryan Stevenson. Watch the video HERE.

“We want to name the victims of lynching. We want to talk about people like Elizabeth Lawrence who was lynched because she scolded children for throwing stones at her. We want to talk about people who were lynched because they bumped accidentally into white people as they were going to the train station,” Stevenson said. “We want to talk about all of the devastation. We want to talk about the fact that these lynchings took place in the public square with thousands of people cheering them on.”

There will also be a museum added to EJI’s Commerce Street headquarters as part of the project. The memorial is expected to be completed in the Spring.


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