I-65 Dog Needs Help Getting Home

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Camille the Interstate Wonderdog

Greenville’s newest resident is causing quite a stir and some traffic problems around town. A dog has been living on the Northbound exit ramp leading into the city of Greenville for a little over two months.

Witnesses saw a car blow a tire on the exit ramp, and then say the dog jumped out ran away from her owners. They also say the owners tried to find her, but couldn’t catch her and left. The family didn’t leave any information with police or local store owners so not much is known about the dog.

Animal Control Officers and residents named the dog Camille, after Greenville’s nickname the Camellia City. Camille sleeps under the guardrail, sometimes walks into traffic, and always hides when people come close to her.

“We don’t know if she’s chipped, we’ve tried to trap her,” says Officer Christy Sexton. “We’ve had her in the trap once, people have let her out of the trap. Somebody let her out of the trap. We’ve tried to sedate her, twice. And she runs under the shrubs.”

Sexton has placed food and treats in the traps, but because people are stopping and feeding Camille or throwing food out to her, she isn’t desperate enough to go into the trap for food. Camille figured out the best times to come out for a snack are when people are driving to work or coming home. Sexton asks that people stop feeding her so she can be caught.

“She is not starving. She’s got access to food, she’s got access to water, I mean, we just want people to… Maybe if they quit feeding them for a couple of days, and they do get a little hungry, we can put something in the trap and they’ll go in the trap for it,” Sexton adds.


Camille taking a nap

If anyone sees Camille head into the trap or has any information about her, you’re asked to call the Greenville Animal Control at (334) 382-7806.

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