What do Alabamians think about the special session?

legislatureLawmakers failed to pass any lottery measures in time for the November ballot in the special session. In fact, all of the measures died after extensive debate.  It’s something that has many voters questioning what’s going on in Montgomery. Alabama News Network wanted to know if voters thought the special session was a waste of their tax money or a step in the right direction.

Most Alabamians wanted the chance to decide on a lottery.

“I think that out to be up to the people,” Clayton Bush says. “If they had gone ahead and passed a bill, and put it in the election so we could vote on it. I think the people should make that decision.”

Because both the bills – one proposed by Governor Bentley and the other by Senator Jim McLendon  – failed to pass, the lottery bill will not be on this year’s general election ballot. This makes many feel like the special session was pointless.

“I do think it was a waste of time and money for our, the people who we’ve put in charge of our programs to not be able to come together and decide on something as important as a lottery,” says Amber Clark.

“I do think it was a big waste, because they came here and spent a week in all these meetings and everything and they didn’t do anything about it. They didn’t… A lottery isn’t in Alabama still so I do think it was a big waste,” Chandler Sutton says.

“I think they were a disappointment to the state of Alabama by not passing one of the bills and leaving it up to the general public,” adds Bush.

The special session is not technically over – the Legislature will meet again on September 6 to discuss how to distribute the BP settlement money.

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