911 Dispatch gets New Upgrades

The Montgomery 911 Dispatch Center unveiled its newest upgrades to vendors and emergency responders with a quick tour Tuesday.

The dispatch center was under renovations for a little more than a year, but now Montgomery 911 has the newest technology available, including 911UPGRADES PIC (1)new phones, computers, even furniture for the dispatchers to use. There is also a video wall that’s unique to Montgomery and has the potential to display the exact location of any first responder’s vehicle. All the upgrades are there to help make Montgomery a little bit safer.

“I like to say that we are the first true responders. We are who gets you the help you need,” says veteran dispatcher Angela Rigsby. She’s been with Montgomery Dispatch for almost 20 years and is now shift commander. She remembers the dispatch center’s humble beginnings.

“When I started, we were still at the police department in the backroom behind the back desk. And we had like maybe six or eight positions you could sit at,” she says. “You know, we’re just moving forward and like I said, you have to move forward, you have to take that first step to make that progress if you want to get to the top.”

The new upgrades will help the dispatchers alert the first responders quicker, which could possibly save lives.

911UPGRADES PIC2“In an emergency situation, time is of the essence,” says District 2 Fire Chief Lucious McDade. “So the quicker the dispatcher can get information from the caller and have it dissipated to the necessary resources, it’ll greatly reduce our response time.”

The dispatch center is fully functional, but there are still a few more additions to be made before it’s completely finished. An Automatic Vehicle Locator will be added so dispatchers can pin point exactly where responders are and send the closest team to the current call. There is no definite timeline for the center’s completion.

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