Greenville Athletic Trainer gets much needed help on the field


Peavy wraps a patient’s ankle.

The athletic trainer for Greenville Sports is finally getting some much needed help. Jason Peavy has been handling every cut, bruise, sprain, and everything in between for the past 15 years on the Greenville sidelines.

“I’d be down there evaluating an ankle, and then I hear, ‘hey Peavy Peavy, somebody’s down on the field!’ So then I have to drop what I’m doing there, go check on them,” he says. “And it’s just, it’s a process. Covering a 5-A high school in itself, by yourself is a big chore, okay? Really can’t do it alone. I’ve done it alone but it’s a job.”

But for the 2016-2017 season, he’s going to have some help. He’ll be teaching three Greenville High School girls, Seniors Jada McConico and Faith Robinson and Junior Anna Burt, the basics of athletic training. The girls will learn how to bandage rolled ankles and sprained wrists, how to handle minor cramping, and what to do when a player gets cut and can’t stop bleeding. All their extra hands will give Peavy a chance to handle the more serious injuries, should they happen.

“After that first game, I’m sitting out there, they’re sweating, they’re running, I mean, they worked a job,” he says. “And I told myself, ‘these girls, they won’t be back.’ And then lo and behold, Monday morning they were back at practice.”

The girls are extremely thankful for this opportunity. They are getting a chance most high school students wouldn’t: the chance to test drive their future careers.


The girls also help fill coolers to keep the players hydrated.

“I haven’t had anyone to talk to me about it that’s actually worked in the field,” says McConico. “And being that he has worked in the field, he can give me the good, the bad, and the ugly about it. So to me it has helped a lot.”

“Going to the practice field after school and watching, seeing what he does for a living,” adds Robinson. “That’s very inspiring and it let’s me know what is consisted of me in the job.”

“Thank you Mr. Peavy for letting going out of your way and letting us girls… Help you out with everything,” says Burt.

Peavy will train the girls through football, baseball, and basketball seasons. That way they will get a chance to experience different types of sports injuries. The girls are the first class for Peavy, but he’s hoping to have many more in the future.

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