Water restored for residents after water main break

The City of Goodwater was without water for twenty-four hours because of a water main break Tuesday.


Goodwater resident Angela Poole said it was not easy not having water.

“We didn’t have any water so we had to send all of the kids home and all of the parents, they’re upset,” she explained.

City officials released a statement saying that the break happened sometime Tuesday morning and they’re not sure what caused it.  The repair process was more complicated than usual because the 12 inch line is buried about 25 feet underground.

But the problem was fixed by Wednesday night and water was restored to Goodwater.

Mayor Lonnie Caldwell says they did everything they could to help residents.

“What we cannot do is give an advanced notice on when a line is going to bust,” he shared, “We can’t, only thing we can do is try to get, get it fixed as quickly as possible. And I think that’s what my guys have been doing.”

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