Former Residents Return For New Public Housing Groundbreaking

COLUMBUS SQUAREA new housing development is coming to downtown Montgomery replacing the old Trenholm Court housing that was demolished in 2011.

The housing authority says there’s still a huge need for homes and apartments like this in the city.

This wasn’t your average ground breaking.

There were the usual city leaders who helped make this new development a reality, but there were also members of the old community on hand to watch the progress, and be recognized themselves.

“Going to church and to the different community activities we used to have here in Trenholm Court. We really enjoyed it. Like Miss Hawkins said, we were not afraid to be outside, sleeping at night, and just having the fellowship with each other,” said Connell Vandiver.

As shovels turned ceremonial dirt, others are already working to transform what used to be Trenholm Court into Columbus Square.

The end result will be about 80 apartments and town homes.

Former residents hope the spirit of the original community lives on here.

“It was definitely a community. If you want to say the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child, then you would be talking about the people in Trenholm Court. That’s exactly what they did. Everyone helped raise all of the kids here and the children in Trenholm Court,” said Vandiver.

The new development comes at a time when the city continues to need homes for low income families.

The public housing program is the third largest in the state, serving over 4,200 families, but there are many more waiting for their chance.

“There’s a tremendous need for affordable housing in the city of Montgomery. We have 10,000 people on our waiting list alone, so that’s an indication that people are in need of affordable housing,” said Evett Hester, Montgomery Housing Authority Executive Director.

The goal is to have Columbus Square completed by the end of 2017.

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