Clown Facebook Page Threatens Local Schools

A clown Facebook page surfaced over the weekend threatening to beat up students at local schools in Montgomery.

The page under the name Bingerman Clownferd, named a middle school for everyday this week.

Parents say they were very worried after seeing the threats.

“In this day and time you can’t never say what it is, you can’t never say if this is live,” said Clifford Zeigler, “in this day and time you can’t never say what it is.”

Montgomery Public Schools notified parents via a message on their website. They say they are taking steps to ensure student safety.

Local law enforcement also wants to reassure worried parents.

“We’re aware of what’s taking place,” explained Sheriff Derrick Cunningham, “we have officers at the schools, we have people out there who are reporting all kinds of suspicious activity to us.”

If you have any information about the threats you are asked to call the Montgomery Police Department.

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