Georgiana Students Rally around Fellow 8th Grader

CC and Sophie

Sophie is almost a foot taller than some adults, and she’s only fourteen.

Sophie Campbell is just like any other eighth grader. She plays in the Georgiana School Band, enjoys hanging out in the hallway between classes and laughs during class with her friends. There is one thing, however, that sets her apart from her classmates: her size.

Sophie was diagnosed with a rare syndrome at just ten months old. After struggling with different illnesses since birth, Sophie and her family finally had an answer in the name Sotos syndrome.

Sotos syndrome, also known as Cerebral gigantism, affects roughly one in 15,000 to 20,000 people. It causes severe developmental delays and excessive growth.

“So, she weighs about 220 pounds, and she’s almost six feet tall,” says Sophie’s mom, Sarah Miller. “And she wears a men’s size 14, 4 E width shoes.”

Sophie’s appearance may be striking to those who don’t know her, but her classmates just see a good and kind friend.

“I mean, she’s always hugging me and like that,” says one of Sophie’s closest friends, Austin Wright.

“She cares about everybody else. And the people, like the people think that she’s just different. They don’t think about her feelings they just think about theirs,” adds another one of her friends, Ansley Nelson.

Her classmates adore her so much, they wanted to do something special for her. They nominated her for eight grade homecoming court representative. To no one’s surprise, Sohpie won.

“When I called the girls names, everyone of course cheered because everyone is very supportive of each other at this school,” says Sophie’s Special Education teacher, Michelle Phelps. “However, when I called Sophie’s name the entire school burst into applause and cheers, and hugs.”

The school usually votes for a senior to take the title of Homecoming Queen, so Sophie probably won’t take home the big crown. She does get a chance to have all eyes on her for one night, for something other than her appearance. She finally gets to have her princess moment and wear her, “Cinderella dress” as she calls it.

The Georgiana homecoming game starts at 7 p.m. Friday night, but the Homecoming Crowning will start about 30 to 45 minutes before the game.

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