Professional Clown Reacts to “Creepy Clown” Threats

CLOWNSThe recent clown threats are no laughing matter to real, professional clowns.  But how is the uproar over the scare scare tactics affecting their livelihood?

Kimberly Davis is a professional clown and co-owner of Party Posse in Montgomery. Davis says she’s built up a business centered around everything from birthday parties to corporate events. She says so far, the “Creepy Clown” threats haven’t affected her business.  However,  she has had some parents and kids mention it to her.

For now,  she says it’s about showing the positive side of being a clown.

“I strive to make people happy as a clown.  I’ve been a clown for 13 years and I love what I do.  It’s our job as professional clowns to make people happy and to make people smile. To face paint kids and do balloon twisting.  It’s very unsettling,” Davis said.

Davis says in the last two years her business has actually increased and now she has more clowns and workers doing parties and various events in the area.  She also says she’s confident local authorities will catch those responsible for the threats.

If you would like more information on Kimberly Davis’ Party Posse business just click on the links below.

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